Anticipated Fees:
 thru dance year

Registration fee:    $20.00
           $5 each additional child
               due at registration
Monthly lessons:   $28.00

Costume fee:        $25.00 
          each preforming dance          
             classes average 2 dances
             due at the end of January

Recital fee:           $24.00
per family  - due in April

Recital Tickets:    $9
Sales start end of April

Bookkeeping - Attn: Randi   
Please remember all monthly payments are due before the 4th of the current dance month to avoid late charge.

           dancenathan                    DANCE SEASON: Nov-May
St Johns: Wednesdays
                        In Odd Fellows Hall on Lombard

          Scappoose: Tuesday & Thursdays
                        In Tinkertime near library


Returning Students:  please let me know by September 15th to hold spot
New Students:  OPEN registration starts September
                                                e-mail:  dance4funpdxscapp@gmail com  
                                    * Need NAME/AGE/SCHOOL & studio preference to add
                                        Usually have dance schedule available in October
                                                            - please email request

Recital -  in MAY, Saturday before Memorial Day (has been for 25yrs)
                         *Location - Usually ST HELENS HIGH SCHOOL

Please remember there is no one perfect time for any performance.
We do our best to meet as many needs as possible. 
We hope advance notice gives more little dancers/families a heads up so they can come.
Please note:  Not every dancer goes to every Senior Center performance.
Dance calendar usually follows school district schedule
                taking the same breaks and snow days.
     NOTE:  SNOW DAYS -  follow school districts (always watch for Scappoose)
                              * * * No school - no dance * * *                  

Just a reminder this schedule is subject to change.
I have little ones too, so dates and times may be adjusted.
If this happens, we will update as soon as possible.  Thank you! 


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