Performance Reminders:

Hair:   pulled back, out of    face.  NO Colors!

Make-up:  minimal.  I want my little ones to look like little ones :)

Tap shoe laces:
always black unless specified on costume list.

Tennis shoes:  white cloth (leather reflects foot lights).

Bodysuits:  Make sure undergarment patterns don't show thru. 
Clear bra strap add ons are always a plus.

Nylons:  beige is best if  needed

Needs:     ALL dancers will need a pair of TAP shoes -
                                      please wait and verify style - will depend on age / experience

                           Little dancers: are Maryjane (flats)
                           Older girls: are heel 1 1/2in character shoe style
                           Boys: Unisex

I start my dance season with some shoes to RENT .....
                           Girls-$5.00     Boys-$10.00     Heels-$15/00b)

                      AND a pair of non-marking TENNIS SHOES
                            bring to every class

Attire:     Comfortable - safe for self and others around them ....

     every class will learn some form of TAP style (different counts & put)
     and a NOVELTY (another style of dance)
     Our goal is a well rounded dancer with exposure to many different
     styles (salsa, country, hip-hop, Charleston, swing, waltz, ballet, etc)
Senior Centers:  during the dance season we will try and go out to
     our neighborhood Senior Centers for small shows and a chance
     practice.  These are for dancers and a parent only (room is
     always limited so please plan accordingly).  These are usually
     announced in early March.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions 503-543-5443 or email:  dance4funpdxscapp@gmail.com    Facebook:  Dance4fun

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